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Youth Advancement Through Athletics

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YATA athletes experience academic support, expert coaching and challenging competition.  They develop elite skills, strong work ethics and lifelong friendships. Many receive opportunities to compete beyond High School.

Hope. Opportunity. Purpose.


Big Dreams

We understand the opportunities sports provide to young athletes AND the barriers that inner-city youth often face, prohibiting them from reaching their full potential.  We provide opportunities for them to belong, dream big, and thrive.

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About Us

Based in Elizabeth, NJ, YATA was founded in 2019. Our vision is to support local youth to advance through a variety of sports opportunites during and after their High School careers.

Coaches. Teammates. Competition.

Founder | Boy's Coach

Daniele Crincoli

Coach Danny is also the President of Crincoli Woodwork, LLC, LCA Construction, and co-owner of CREW Builders.  He understands the struggles of being a first-generation American, inner-city youth and his mission in life is to pay his success forward.

Vice President  | Girl's Coach

Michele Sharp

Cherished by many as a lifelong mentor and coach, Michele shares Danny's vision of an equitable future for all young athletes.

Our Founders.

Daniele Crincoli AKA 'Coach Danny' began his coaching career in his early twenties.  During his successful career at St. Mary's of the Assumption (Elizabeth, NJ) he helped garner athletic scholarships for players to top Colleges and Universities across the nation. After St Mary's closed in 2019, Coach Danny founded YATA to continue to mentor and support the young athletes he was blessed to work with.

Michele Sharp, former Division I Collegiate Basketball Coach, has held multiple administrative positions across intercolleiate and high school athletics programs. As treasurer, Michele's professional experience developing and advancing organizational strategies and programs is well-matched to YATA's mission and vision.  Michele was Athletic Director at St. Mary's of the Assumption before it officially closed. She continues to develop young athletes on and off the court.  


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